One Square Mile, 125,000 people. Food Insecurity is a battle everyday for the residents of one of the slums in Kenya. In order to leave the desperate economy, and often dangerous environment, you need to have a job, or a family member willing to take you and your family in. In order to secure employment, you need to have education, even the equivalent to a GED. Children in school, can not focus or develop, without nutrition. Through a local school partner and church, we helped provide lunch for 1,000 students daily for 18 months.




Feeding Program For School Children


Mathare Valley Slums, Kenya

What Our Partners Did

Provided meals daily for hungry children at primary and secondary schools in the slums. 

Provided after school care in a safe environment.

Built trust between the families and church to encourage attendance.


150k meals in 18 months

One of the programs previous graduates had the chance to come to the United States to share his experience. It was a life changer for him and his family. He is a school teacher, and with that one job salary, he was able to take his wife, child, mother, brother, and cousin out of the slums. They all live in a 1 bedroom apartment in Kenya.

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